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My Family’s Musical Soundtrack

Musical Soundtrack

In my world as a pediatrician and mom, I have 2 superpowers. One is my ability to find patterns. I am great at finding relationships and making sense of seemingly random things. Mostly, this does not affect my home life, but it does come in handy at the office. My lesser known (except to my kids) superpower is my ability to link music to my everyday life. I can completely (and randomly) link songs that I love and some that I am forced to endure to situations in my house. I even have a “Torture Kids” playlist on my phone if I feel the need for more than me singing the lyrics. So for your enjoyment on this lovely Friday, here is my family’s musical soundtrack and why you may need to consider a musical soundtrack of your own.

A more entertaining response to a question

Well… more entertaining to you at least. Depending on the kid, yours may or may not find this amusing. Mine generally find it most amusing when it is directed at the sibling. But I’m entertained nearly 100% of the time.

NO- Meghan Trainer

Sometimes the answer is “No!” If you are tired of responding in your usual manner, or maybe just want to lessen the sting of rejection, try responding in song.

You’re Welcome- Dwayne Johnson (Moana soundtrack)

This one comes in handy quite frequently at my house.  Although I must admit I don’t generally wait for a “Thank You” to break into song.

Or maybe you’re trying to get the kids out of the house

Come With Me Now-Kongos

We all know that getting the kids mobilized in the morning can be difficult. If you’re a Kongos fan, this is a great one to put into your mix.

To suggest an appropriate response or action

Sometimes, our kids just need a little nudge to do the right thing. Maybe they’re having trouble moving on… in which case the following could be super helpful.

Let it Go- Idina Menzel (Frozen)

The first person to use this one in my house was actually my youngest. She was five at the time. And maybe inherited my snarky music humor. We were sitting at the kitchen table and my eldest daughter was arguing her point with something to no avail. Which is when my youngest started singing Let it Go.  My husband and I were highly entertained.  Pre-teen was not. However, this one is now a staple in our home.

Hairy Lady- Nigel Brown (The Amazing world of Gumball)

Maybe you have a teenager who has declared “No Shave November” in the middle of July. Or hygiene hasn’t become important yet. If you’ve just so happened to have heard the Amazing World of Gumball in the background one too many times this next one is a clear and logical choice. (Warning: not usually appreciated by teenagers!)

Lips are Movin-Meghan Trainor

Maybe you’ve caught your little in a fib and you want to let them know you’re on to them more gently.

I’m a Believer-Smash Mouth (from Shrek)

Or they’re trying really hard to let you know they’re being honest and you want them to know you believe them.

Because it’s come to laugh or cry and you do not have a good “Cry Face”

Lose my Mind (Up in Here)-DMX

Ever have those days where you’re not sure you can take another second? Kids have been fighting all day. Someone has talked nonstop for the past 8 hours and your brain is just plain tired? Turns out, there’s a song for that… (p.s. this parody is hysterical, watch the whole thing for entertainment…  I put a parody instead of the DMX video in the event that your kids have snuck over… turned out there are explicit versions of the DMX video.)

Survivor-Destiny’s Child

Have you survived a super long day?

Because words enough are not enough to share your joy

Hallelujah Chorus- Georg Friedrich Handel

Always a good one. My youngest will often break into this to express her pleasure over something. Still not entirely certain where she first heard it.

What songs make up your family’s musical soundtrack?
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