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Kindergarten Here We Come!

Little boy ready for school

Kindergarten Here We Come!

With school right around the corner, many parents are gearing up to send their growing kiddos to kindergarten for the first time.  It is completely normal that you and your child may be experiencing a lot of new emotions with this big change.

Starting school is a huge milestone for kids. Whether you’re super stoked for the first day of school or busy stocking your car with Kleenex, you can help make the first day a success.

Keep it Positive

Even the most excited of our littles may be a little nervous about their first day.  We don’t need to add to their nerves by sharing ours.  Point out the exciting things that are coming their way.  A whole classroom of potential new friends!!  Recess!!  Lunch in the CAFETERIA!  Not to mention weekly access to the library, music class, art, and PE!

Our kids learn to read in Kindergarten.  They learn to work within a group, to be supportive of others’ successes and mistakes.  They start to hone their social skills.  It truly is an amazing year of growth for them.

We may be losing the baby that starts off the school year.  But we gain this amazing kid that we can interact with in a wholly different but amazing way.

Make it Special

Big days deserve a little extra attention.  Help your new school-ager pick out something special to wear to celebrate for the first day.  Something that makes them feel good and feel happy.  Dressy is certainly not necessary, we want them to feel comfortable.

Make sure your little gets a good breakfast on the big day.  Add some sprinkles to her oatmeal.  Wake up a bit early and scramble him some eggs.  But make sure they eat something.  When the nerves wear off they’ll be hungry.

Take a picture on the first day.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to take one if your little is in the mood.

My daughter Sophia on her first day of Kindergarten with Mrs. Winters. Definitely a superhero teacher!

That picture will be a fun reminder of the first day.  And they’ll enjoy seeing how much they’ve grown too!

Consider adding a mark on the wall to show how big they are on the first day and compare it to how big they are at the end of the year.  Spend 5 minutes to officially “interview” them and record their answers. You can download a free printable PDF with interview questions here.  List of Interview Questions for KidsHave fun! This is all about them.

It Takes A Village

When your little one starts kindergarten, you are adding members to the village that helps to raise your child.  So think of your school and teachers as valuable members of your family.  They are the ones who care for your child when you’re not there.  Your teachers are the superheroes who help grow your kid.  After all, how many of us could manage a classroom of 20+ wildly different kids day after day and still be smiling?  Not me– I’m a small group of kiddos at a time kind of gal.  Definitely superhero skill.

Make sure your little knows you and their teacher are a team.  And if there are any concerns, make a point to talk to their teacher so that you can put together more of the story.

Tell Them You’re Proud

Make sure they know how proud you are of them. Sure, lots of kids start school every year.  But this is your kid’s first year.  Let them know that you love them and can’t wait to see them after school.  That you’re excited for how much they will grow and learn.  Your joy will rub off on them 🙂

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