Welcome to the Pediatric Ninja!

Welcome to The Pediatric Ninja!  My name is Dr. Jenny Seawell, and I work as a full time pediatrician in Clarksville, TN.  My other full time jobs include wife, multi-tasker, gardener, master chef (OK, not really… but my family hasn’t recommended me to Worst Chefs in America yet), not so awesome housekeeper, and mom to 2 amazing (but perplexing) girls.

As you all know, parenting is hard work.  And unfortunately, today’s parents are pulled in nearly every direction with readily available information on the “BEST” way to do almost everything.  Well meaning family and friends share their tips often unprompted.  Dr. Google and random scary facebook posts are constantly bombarding us with endless concerns.   It may often feel like no matter what you do, it won’t be enough.  There is GOOD NEWS for all of us though…  Fortunately, you DO NOT have to be PERFECT to do a KICK-ASS job at this parenting business.  Most importantly,there are a million ways of getting it right.

So sit back, take a deep breath, and give your kids a big snuggle…  YOU’VE TOTALLY GOT THIS! And in the meantime, I will try to help explain and shine a light on some of the medical and behavioral weirdness our kids throw in our path!